Monday, May 3, 2010

Donate money to kickstarter and you can get one of my papercuts or a silk screen of one!

I am excited to be donating work to an awesome cause!
Your support of the Hamilton Crop Circle on Kickstarter will help grow the urban gardening movement in Baltimore!
back the HCC at $ 25 dollars and choose a silkscreen of one of the images above

If you back HCC at $200 dollars you will receive an original paper cut of one of the images above
check it out and tell all of your friends to check it out please!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anniversary Papercut for two awesome people!

My first commission!
Emily wanted all three of the pets in the cut for Peep and her anniversary.
It was fun to work from pictures. Emily gave me free range to design it which was fun but, also a little nerve racking- Peep loved it and they say the animals turned out just right. I have to say Finch the adorable dog did turn out looking quite perfect!