Saturday, March 19, 2011

March cuts and collaborations

This past month I worked on some fun collaborations and commissions.
a bunch of the commissions are still in progress due the fact I got super sick...
But, I am feeling much better now and looking forward to prepping for some shows and more commissions!

This was a really fun project. I worked with herbalist Bryan Bowen to create a papercut for his business card. Then the wonderful Todd Brizzi amazing designer. He took my papercut and made it into a business card, letter head and banner for Bryan to use.
By the way Bryan Bowen still needs patients for his clinic hours as he completes his course work at Tai Sophia so check him out.

This is an invitation for some good friends wedding. Amy and Justin love spending time in New Orleans and they are actually having a second line parade through Patterson Park from the wedding to the reception. It will be amazing. They asked me and my dear friend Kesling to make the wedding invite. I did the papercuts inspired by New Orleans iron work and second line parades and Kes designed the invite and all of the other pieces including menus and everything else. It was tons of fun to work with Kes and to work on something for good friends!

This was a commission for a lovely lady in Cambridge, MA. It was a Birthday gift for her friend- an accomplished gardener.