Thursday, December 8, 2011

A few More things...

these are slightly out of order but, I am putting them up anyway
I did two papercuts for some lovely people who are getting married in August
they are using one as a save the date and one as a gift
both images will be printed on post cards and totebags
Gaby will be printing them and if she sends me some pictures I will post!

Also a similar yet different cut- this was for two dear friends wedding last year and I am not just getting a picture up- it is one of my favorites pieces I have done, I might make some posters out of it!!
pardon the terrible reflection- I am the worlds laziest photographer!

Last but, not least another collaboration with Common Seed Press and Sunny Side Farm
for Sunny Side's second annual pig roast I did another papercut and Mikey printed it
The red one is this years and the green is last years!

a few more things

more of what I have been working on lately! Posters!

here are some really fun posters I printed in collaboration with Mike Clark form Common Seed Press right here in Hamilton, actually his studio is across the street from mone- his in The Hamilton Arts Collective and mine is in the Main Streets Building!
Nothing like being able to just cross the street to do some printing!
there are still plenty left I sold a bunch at the Craft Mafia fair this past weekend!
There are tons of different colors- I can sell you one... or two email for info

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I have been upto!

Well, it has been a very long time since I last posted an update!
I have been very busy and not good about updating!
Here is a brief summary which will hopefully catch me up!
I did a lovely papercut as a gift for the lovely family that owns Veritas Vineyards in
This is a terrible photo as I used my portfolio as a background but, the final piece was on a nice blue color.

Then the next thing I worked on was a cool piece for a show at The Maryland Institute College of Art
I was honored to be in the fibers alumni show Sew Local
I took the opportunity to make a piece larger than I normally would make, it was fun and inspired by the alphabet. Each little image is an illustration for a letter.

Then after that I had a show at Atwater's in Catonsville, MD they are makers of delicious bread, soups and food and it was really fun to put some work up there
here are a few images of pieces I put up.

Then I re stocked at Trohv, formerly known as Redtree, Still amazing stuff!! Same Amazing store just a different name. there should still be plenty of pieces there so pick one up for the holidays.