Thursday, December 8, 2011

A few More things...

these are slightly out of order but, I am putting them up anyway
I did two papercuts for some lovely people who are getting married in August
they are using one as a save the date and one as a gift
both images will be printed on post cards and totebags
Gaby will be printing them and if she sends me some pictures I will post!

Also a similar yet different cut- this was for two dear friends wedding last year and I am not just getting a picture up- it is one of my favorites pieces I have done, I might make some posters out of it!!
pardon the terrible reflection- I am the worlds laziest photographer!

Last but, not least another collaboration with Common Seed Press and Sunny Side Farm
for Sunny Side's second annual pig roast I did another papercut and Mikey printed it
The red one is this years and the green is last years!


  1. I saw a papercut of yours on a quilter's blog and fell in love with it. Can you please email me and give me an idea of how much your pieces cost. I love the bikes and the saying about adventures being shared. Beautiful.

  2. We LOVE our paper cuts! Fantastic!!