Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All the secret Holiday Projects and some other stuff!!

Okay I usually have to wait to make sure that all the people I am working on secret projects for  get them to the right people before I post them!
So finally now  after a long time I am posting a bunch of stuff!!

This was the cover I did for City Paper this year! I am really happy with how it turned out.
It was even chosen as one of the top ten Alternative Weekly Covers of the year by Society of Publication Designers. Check out all the other cool covers

This is Woodberry Kitchens Holiday Card!!
I was so honored that they chose to use my papercut that I made for them. They also used it for t shirts too that are for sale, Check it out -
Printed by my buddy Common Seed Press!

 I did this papercut as an anniversary gift for a lovely couple who have wonderfully lovely parents.
Joann and Bob commissioned me to make this for Emily and John's first anniversary. I used some paisley images inspired by the trip they took to India where they were engaged!
This is a papercut commissioned by Bob for JoAnn! They are just wonderful and really inspired  me with the idea of a Shaker Tree..

This was a thank you gift for the Managing Principal at a law firm here in town, 
I am actually re working it slightly as the dates are different from the ones I was given, I am excited about re working it, always gives me a chance to perfect things!!
Here is a lovely castle for a lovely lady ! 

here is a bag printed by Gaby and Bryan for their wedding, a few posts back I posted the papercuts I did for them below is the save the date post card they also printed!!

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