Monday, September 26, 2011

It's been too Long!!

wow this summer really flew by and I found myself so busy with work and with papercut work I had no time to update this blog.
This is a pretty complete list of projects I have worked on since this summer
July and August  was pretty much out since my real job
Nana Projects  was totally busy making parades at Artscape and for the Baltimore Grand Prix with over 5,000 middle school students
September I am finally getting back on track and getting caught up on lots of work!
here are two that show the sketches but, not the final pieces since they are lost on my camera somewhere
but, its fun to see the sketch process
This was for a little girl! I put it on a really nice orange background
This was for a wedding anniversary and the final one was a slightly different design but, this is how I start a commission we talk about the general idea and then I do sketches and then we go back and fourth re working details if needed.
we ended up doing a more horizontal design with a nice vine surrounding the tree and bikes and roots!

There were a ton of May weddings here are two cuts from those!

Then this was a gift for a the officiant of a wedding
I did a papercut for the Bride and Groom's Anniversary earlier this year so it was fun to do another on for them!

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